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Fantastic manual skills, technological research and costum-made cosmetic specialities, blended together by the expert hands of the most qualified beauticians, for optimal effectiveness on the skin, emotions and senses.
Unique and unmistakable gestures that make beauty treatment and massage a true beauty ritual.

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Vodder lymph drainage

Duration: 50 min € 80,00

Drainage massage par excellence created by the doctor Vodder. This technique acts on the lymphatic circulation, lymph nodes, lymphatic collectors and ducts, and lymphatic vessels to eliminate or reduce swelling and oedema. Ideal to be used in synergy with anti-cellulite massage, it is a technique applied both in the medical and aesthetic field.

Lymphatic drainage has an effect on the lymphatic system due to the low pressure component of the maneuvers and acts on the neuro vegetative system leading to rapid body relaxation. The massage is performed on the massage table, without any application of oils or creams.

Lomi lomi nui hawaian massage

Duration: 50 min € 80,00

It is called the massage of change because it releases tensions by making new energy flow with fluid movements like the waves of the sea. It increases blood oxygenation, releases joints and stiffness and promotes correct posture, giving a feeling of lightness and well-being.

Stone massage

Duration: 60 min € 90,00

The warmth of the stones melts the nerve points of your body.
The heat and smooth surface of the lava stones flow over the body, helping it to rid itself of stress. Detoxifying and effective in reactivating the metabolism, this treatment is a true health ‘tonic’ for the body. Treat yourself to a truly regenerating experience.

Choccolate massage

Duration: 30 min € 45,00 – Duration 50 min € 80,00

Sweet and aromatherapy for regain shape and good mood.
Bitter cocoa to give an energetic sprint and to live an aromatic unforgettable experience.
The massage of “good mood”, a must to restore energy to the skin and giving it greater radiance and renewed vitality.

Tranquillity aromatic ritual massage

Duration: 30 min € 45,00 – Duration 50 min € 80,00

Sweet and aromatherapy for regain shape and good mood.
Bitter cocoa to give an energetic sprint and to live an aromatic unforgettable experience.
The massage of “good mood”, a must to restore energy to the skin and giving it greater radiance and renewed vitality.

Candle massage

Duration: 30 min € 50,00 – Duration: 50 min € 90,00

Relax for body and mind, leave your skin softer than any oil.
The body is pampered by drops of light and fluid vegetable butter
that comes on your skin with gentle warmth, melting away tension, giving pleasantness, restoring tone and vigour to your body, freeing it from inhibitions and fatigue, recharging it with well-being and new passions.

Back and neck

Duration: 30 min € 45,00

fluid and relaxing as if waking up
shoulder and neck are primarily affected by stress and postural defects. “Cracked” in front of the pc all day, we are many to return home with the feeling of tension in the upper body. This treatment is aimed at removing muscle blocks from the shoulders and neck, allowing a greater blood supply and stimulating an immediate revitalizing action. Immediate well-being.

Pregnancy massage

Duration: 50 min € 80,00

Pampering and relaxation for expectant mothers
Almond oil to give softness and firmness to the skin, accompanying the expectant mother on a relaxation and leg-relaxation programme specifically for those expecting a child. Performed in a lateral position, it “lightens” and relaxes the tired back, reduces swelling and tiredness in the legs. A moment of pampering and relaxation that brings well-being to mothers and baby.

Personalized massage

Duration: 30 min € 45,00 – Duration: 50 min € 80,00

Your body speaks, we listen
A wise selection of oriental and western manual skills that, depending on individual needs, are carried out in a “synergistic” and personalized by our expert beauticians in order to maximize the beneficial effects of the massage.

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Beauty rituals

Volcanic scrub

Duration: 50 min  € 70,00

Scrub treatment based on volcanic powder, ideal for both her and him.

The tiny particles obtained from volcanic powder allow a unique and personalisable exfoliation ritual. Rhyolite, used for this treatment, is a low-density lava rich in silica that forms in the magma of Strombolian volcanoes.

Its mineral composition regenerates and smoothes the skin without compromising the hydrolipidic layer. The result is soft, even and radiant skin with an exceptional silky effect.

Antioxidant nutrient

Duration: 50 min  € 70,00

Nourishing antioxidant body treatment. Effective to keep the skin supple, protects against oxidative damage.

Reducing treatment

Duration: 50 min  € 75,00

Reducing treatment with thermal mud. Thanks to the synergy of natural active ingredients, thermal waters and essential oils performs a deep detoxifying and reducing action.

Leg drainage treatment

Duration: 50 min  € 75,00

Draining, revitalizing and detoxifying legs treatment, promotes the reactivation of blood circulation and restores lightness and tone to the legs.

Remodeling treatment

Duration: 50 min  € 75,00

Thermogenic reducing cellulite treatment with intensive remodeling thanks to the hot-cold effect that promotes the elimination of fat deposits.

Anti-age firming

Duration: 50 min  € 70,00

Precious cosmetic alchemy, in synergy with skilled manual skills, offer an extraordinary firming and anti-aging effect ideal to protect the body from environmental aggressions and return new compactness and shine to the tissues.

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Luxury face rituals

Riequilibrante all day

Duration: 50 min € 60,00

Aromatic anti-stress treatment moisturizing and re-oxygenating combined with a relaxing technique.

Soothing for sensitive skin

Duration: 50 min € 80,00

Balancing and defensive treatment for sensitive and delicate skin. Treatment with decongestant, balancing and protective action for reactive skin, subject to redness, couperose and fragility of capillaries.


Duration: 50 min € 65,00

Anti-oxidant vitamin treatment. Intensive treatment with artic berry extract and Canola oils, counteracts free radicals and nourishes deeply.


Duration: 50 min € 80,00

Balancing purifying treatment. Deep cleansing treatment to return the skin a fresh and compact. Thanks to the possibility of choosing between two types of masks, it is a suitable treatment for oily and impure skin both more resistant and delicate and dehydrated.

Facial Cleansing

Duration: 50 min € 60,00

Balancing purifying treatment. Deep cleansing treatment to restore the skin’s freshness and compactness. Thanks to the choice between two types of masks, it is suitable for both oily and impure skins, whether they are more resistant or delicate and dehydrated.


Duration: 50 min € 80,00

Deep hydration treatment 24 h. Restores the water balance of skin exposed to environmental stress, biological, during and after flights with collagen masks on request for undernourished skin

Vitamin anti-age

Duration: 30 min € 80,00

Treatment that guarantees visible results in half the time compared to a traditional treatment. 30 minutes to renew, firm and reposition facial features for a revitalized and rejuvenated look.

Lymphatic drainage face

Duration: 30 min € 45,00

Expert manual skills wrap face, neck, decollete and shoulders in a succession of moments dedicated to the stimulation of the cause of swelling, less definition of facial features, accumulation of toxins. Mixtures of pure essential oils, selected according to different needs, enhance the effectiveness of each gesture.

Personalized facial massage

Duration: 30 min € 45,00

Unique gestures, extremely precise, flow on the skin, on the muscle belts and deep tissues in a massage that reshapes and stretches and gives energy to the epidermis to restore elasticity and firmness.


Duration: 80 min € 90,00

Face treatment with lifting effect. It relaxes the facial features and restores brightness.

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